Listen. Learn. Act.

I believe it’s time to have a representative that will represent ALL of the constituents in District 42. I pledge to LISTEN. LEARN. AND ACT. on behalf of everyone in the region. My goal is to work for everyone, ensuring that no one is ignored, despite differences in political party, ideology, economic power, culture, or religion. I believe that public servants work for ALL the people and that YOUR interests are what really matters.

Regina Marston


Climate change is an immigration issue, an economic issue, a national security issue, a civil rights issue, a public health issue, an environmental issue. Climate change is THE issue. More Info…

Health Care

Health care is a right, not a privilege. I will protect the Affordable Care Act and work towards providing Medicare for All. More Info…


We must bring world-class publicly-funded education to every classroom in California and the nation to be prepared to overcome every challenge. More Info…


Our district is the next frontier of development in Southern California. We must work to get the local, state and federal funding we need to meet our highway, water, and energy infrastructure needs. More Info…

Economy / Jobs

We must create an economy that meets the needs of the entire country through education and job training that addresses lost industries and meets our labor needs. More Info…


Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the key to growing our economy, keeping us safe, and leading the world in solving global humanitarian crises. More Info…

Affordable Housing

Our nation faces an affordable housing crisis of epic proportions. Every year the price of housing goes up, while the minimum wage has not been raised in over a decade. More Info…

Other Issues

Learn about other isuues such as Reproductive Rights and Guns.
More Info…

What Matters To You?

As a resident of District 42, It’s all about YOU! I want to know what matters to you so that I can be sure to focus on the issues that will make a difference in your life.

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