Health Care (ACA)

Health care is one of the most personal yet vital concerns of every American. While the rich can afford to quickly and easily have the best health care regardless of cost, most citizens struggle, even fail to secure even the most basic of care, including life-saving procedures and needed medications. Watching a loved one suffer with little or no opportunity to get medical assistance, having to choose which medications one can afford to buy, leaves those least fortunate among us frustrated, bitter and desperate. Many are left with no options except emergency room visits, which inevitably raise the cost of health care insurance for the rest of us, creating a significant burden of the entire system.

That’s why the Affordable Care Act (ACA) must be protected, and expanded in the short-term, so that everyone can stay healthy, remain productive and continue to contribute to California’s workforce and well-being. California has always prided itself on its compassion and dedication to its citizens, all of whom blend together to make both the state and our district a family of people who look out for one another, in good times and bad.

As your representative, I am driven to be certain that each one of my constituents has the very best health care possible, to have access to reasonably priced group insurance based on both need and income. I am committed to saving Medicare from politicians who treat us like you don’t matter. It’s time for the voters of District 42 to change the quality of their lives and stand up for a new and vibrant leader, one who will be here for you in sickness AND in health. #CA42Matters

“The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.”
-Thomas Jefferson


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