The Choice Is Clear: Experience Matters

Voters in California’s 42nd Congressional District will soon be faced with a clear choice in the primary on March 3, 2020. The choice that you make will determine whether our district moves forward and embraces a positive change or remains in the hands of a Republican who has increasingly forgotten you with each election. Ken Calvert has spent more time in Washington than here at home, failing to hold town hall meetings because he believes that he knows what you think without having to hear you say it. Well, that type of representative belongs in the past and you have the opportunity to do just that by loudly telling him with your vote that your representative must be present, sensitive to the district’s needs and willing to go to extraordinary means to accomplish these things. There are two Democratic candidates vying to run against Ken Calvert. There’s only one that has real experience in working on the issues that matter to CA 42.

Isn’t it time to give someone else a chance after struggling under the Republican regime that has put you second to the Washington establishment for so many years? We need a change that will put a person in office who has new and fresh ideas; someone who has over 30 years of experience working on the issues that matter:  health care, affordable housing, infrastructure and development, job creation, climate policy and clean energy.

The Democratic Party has been the leader in both nominating and electing more and more women into offices around the country and the results have been impressive. More bills have been passed in the House of Representatives than in many years. The current class of women representatives has shown grit, tenacity and intelligence in their brief tenure in Congress, while the Senate refuses to even bring the bills to the floor for debate, let alone a vote. So many opportunities to pass bills that would help average Americans in scores of ways sit languishing on Mitch McConnell’s desk, simply because he does not want Democrats to have any victories. That truly is not the way you want your government to work, because it doesn’t work.

“Research shows that when women are empowered as political leaders, countries often experience higher standards of living with positive developments in education, infrastructure, and health care. “

-Miriam Defensor-Santiago

When I am elected to Congress, I will work diligently to change this “good ol’ boys” attitude, which is not only condescending and insulting to every constituent across this great country, it is the opposite of why one is elected to serve. Voters put their faith and trust in each of us through their ballots, and when an elected official fails to live up to his or her part of the bargain, he or she should be fired and replaced by someone who respects that responsibility. I give each of you my solemn promise that I will never forget why I was chosen and will always be responsive to your needs. 

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

-George Bernard Shaw


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