As we approach the upcoming primary, it’s easy to see why your vote is singularly the most important way to voice your opinion. Republicans have hijacked not only our democracy, but also your right to have an open, transparent and honest government that allows you to see exactly what is going on. Republicans clearly showed both their disdain and indifference to conducting their actions in a manner that respects your intelligence.

They simply do not care what you think because they are so concerned with pleasing their masters in the White House and in the corporations that have bought them, lock, stock and barrel. They have egregiously betrayed their solemn oath to defend the Constitution, choosing instead to place their precious jobs over their country and their constituents. It is appalling that they so readily dismiss the will of such a large majority, blinded by the cocoon of beltway politics, because they truly believe that you, the voters, are so gullible, naïve and foolish that you wouldn’t dare cast a ballot that kicks them out of office.

Well, I simply don’t buy any of that. I firmly believe that you have not only the right, but also the power to forcefully show just how you feel about this cavalier and callous treatment on their part. I will defend you against the widespread and blatant and corruption that has so become part of the Washington culture. I will speak up at every turn to expose and end the reprehensible actions of these politicians who have long forgot why they were elected in the first place. I pledge that, if elected, I will put you first above everything, and if, at any time during my term you find me not living up to that pledge, you have the duty to contact me and let me know just how you feel. I will be accessible to your concerns and needs at all times.

Isn’t time to not just give lip service to the overused phrase, “Drain the Swamp”, as the current administration did, only to greatly add to the pollution? Don’t you yearn for a politician who will stand up for you and fight to give you a better life instead of just saying it as an empty platitude?

I am that shining light in a forest of darkness. I won’t let you down nor will I ever betray the trust given if you allow me the honor of serving as your next Congressional Representative in California’s 42 District.

Thank you for your vote on March 3.


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