Teacher Teaching


A Good Education is Key


Throughout the nation, our K-12 education system is failing due to a myriad of issues such as:

Classroom Size
No Child Left Behind
Family Factors
Student Attitudes & Bullying
Parent Involvement
Student Health
State, Local & Federal Funding

Many states have chosen to ignore these issues and simply reallocate funding to charter schools, which give parents an alternative to their local public school. Many of the charter school organizations operate as for-profit companies run by powerful corporate connected boards. This is not acceptable. Charter schools that are not held accountable to school districts policies for teacher preparation and educational standards should NOT be taking public school funding and this must stop!

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has turned our schools into test preparation academies and ways for teachers to be judged by their superiors to keep their jobs and receive tenure. Testing should be part of the education system, but the NCLB system needs a complete overhaul.


I will push for a comprehensive bill that would call for all schools to have increased on-site counselors, mental health professionals, and school officers to observe and report incidents to local law enforcement, parents, and mental health professionals. In addition, I will work to establish a family/student/teacher/school staff “see something, say something” program that focuses on intervention and prevention of potential issues. I will push for NCLB to be evaluated and redesigned to become a more fair and transparent way of testing our children and holding our teachers accountable. I will champion legislation that puts a moratorium on all public funding of charter schools until this platform can be carefully assessed and evaluated.