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Protect Our Environment for
Future Generations

What is Happening:

CA 42 has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the state. From our soaring, snow covered mountains, miles of valleys, hiking trails, stunning California poppy fields, freshwater lakes, and luscious wine country, we are truly blessed with an abundantly beautiful geography. We must be good stewards of this special place we call home. That’s why the protection of our environment will be a main priority when I serve as your Congressional Representative.

I’ve spent the last 14 years of my professional career focused on educating, motivating, and activating people in California to save energy, water, and protect our natural resources to ensure California stay’s golden for generations to enjoy. Climate change is the single most life- altering issue and national security threat we are facing in the world and we must do everything we can to mitigate its impact on our planet. California is the world’s leader in Greenhouse Gas mitigation and has successfully implemented a Climate Credit policy that works. We need to push California’s environmental policies throughout the federal government so that the nation can benefit from our successful approach.

Recently, the former POTUS issued an Executive Order to cut off all FEMA aid to California for fighting our wildfires. The silence of Congressman Calvert tells us all we need to know about how much he cares about CA42. He would rather put our lives in danger than stand up to any GOP President over his misguided and reckless decision.

What I will do:

The State of California has the largest representation in the U.S. House of Representatives. Of our 53 members, 46 are presently Democrat. By electing me to represent CA42, I will be able to leverage the unity of our delegates to truly bring the resources of Washington to bear on our unique challenges.

And with those resources, I will work with our first responders, our planners and engineers, climate scientists, and federal agencies, to identify the vulnerabilities in our communities and put a plan in place to address them. Together we will work to build a roadmap that ensures we are prepared to adapt to a changing environment. I will support the Green New Deal so that the country can benefit from new, high-paying clean energy jobs,  a secure grid infrastructure, and we save the environment and our air quality.