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Health Care

Health care Is a Human Right

We All Need It:

It’s an inherent fact that as human beings, we all experience illness. Mothers and fathers, children and grandparents, we all get sick.  Somewhere along the way, we’ve allowed our health to become a commodity by which companies make profit.  We live in the most technologically advanced era in all human history; it’s time for us to make healthcare a basic human right and stop allowing money to be made from our greatest vulnerabilities.

How We Fix it

Healthcare must be a human right, and not just a privilege for the lucky, the wealthy, and those who have a corporate job. We must start by protecting the Affordable Care Act (ACA) so that everyone can receive reasonable health insurance, even if their income is low or they are out of work. For years the ACA has been under attack and weakened to the point where Americans are losing their coverage. When it comes to protecting our health, we cannot go backwards! No one should face bankruptcy and ruin because of illness. To move forward, we must make improvements to the law. Ultimately, and in collaboration with health insurance companies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and related industries, we must develop a single payer system that puts human life over profits.

What I’ll Do

Once elected, I will focus my immediate efforts on making the following improvements:
  • Push forward legislation that will use Medicare’s buying power to lower prescription drug prices
  • Provide a public option to increase competition with the insurance companies
  • Allow individuals 50–64 years old to purchase Medicare, mitigating risk and saving billions
  • Oppose any changes to ACA that would limit access to coverage, reduce benefits, reintroduce lifetime caps, restrict coverage of pre-existing conditions or raise premiums without subsidies for low-income families.

As your representative, I will work diligently with other members of Congress and continue to reform our healthcare system. And I will fight against anyone who believe that the bottom line of a big corporation is more important than the lives of you and your loved ones.